2016 - 1.2

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The present Italian kinematic pattern from GNSS data
N. Cenni, M.E. Belardinelli, P. Baldi, F. Loddo, S. Gandolfi, L. Poluzzi, L. Tavasci, E. Mantovani, D. Babbucci, M. Viti

What drives Alpine Tethys opening: suggestions from numerical modelling
M. Roda, A. Regorda, A.M. Marotta, M.I. Spalla

The Geophysical Stress Map Vs A GPS Inferred Strain-Rate Map: A Comparative Analysis
B. Mastrolembo Ventura, A. Caporali

Multi-year hydrologically-related transient deformation observed by GPS in the Southern Apennines: implications for tectonic rates and karst aquifer behaviour
F. Silverii, N. D'Agostino, M. Métois, F. Fiorillo, G. Ventafridda

Geodetic evidence of a regional uplift in Northern Apennines (Italy) from integration of GPS and InSAR measurements
L. Anderlini, E. Serpelloni, A. Pepe, G. Solaro, M. Polcari, C. Bignami, M. Moro, S. Stramondo, L. Chiaraluce

A preliminary evaluation of the forecast moment tensor solutions in Italy
P Roselli, MT Mariucci

A quantitative approach to the loading rate of seismogenic sources in Italy
A. Caporali, C. Braitenberg, P. Montone, G. Rossi, G. Valensise, A. Viganò, J. Zurutuza

Upper Plate Quaternary Evolution Of The Tyrrhenian-Apennine Hinge Zone In Response To Lower Plate Dynamics
A. Milia, M.M. Torrente, P. Iannace, M. Tesauro

Fault induced fluid mobilization revealed by cGNSS recordings at the northern tip of the Adria microplate
G. Rossi, D. Zuliani, P. Fabris


The thermal state of Biella pluton country rocks as a tool to unravel the late orogenic tectonics of the Western Alps
D. Zanoni, M. Roda

The Tethyan roots of southeastern Sicily (Italy): An interdisciplinary insight from new 3D seismic tomographies and petrophysical inferences
E. Giampiccolo, A. Brancato, F.C. Manuella, S. Carbone, S. Gresta, V. Scribano

Tectonic features of a crucial sector of the central Mediterranean including northeastern Sicily and southern Calabria
G. Barberi, C. Musumeci, D. Patanè, L. Scarfì